Yukti Mantra

Yukti Mantra




·         Ultra thin

·         Anion chip

·         Super absorbent

·         Soft and Rush free

·         Demotologically  Tested

·         Absorbent core for fresher’s comfort and Confidence.

Sanitary pads

Variants :-

1.       Ultra thin – Trifold

·         With Anion chip

·         Without Anion chip


·         240MM                L              35/- (6 Pads/pack)

·         280MM                XL           40/-  (6 Pads/pack)

·         320MM                                XXL         45/-  (6 Pads/pack)


2.       Puffy  – Straight – Without anion chip

Size – L, XL, XXL                25/- (6 Pads/pack)



Variants :-

1.       Adult Diapers           All sizes

(10 Diapers)               350/-     per pack.


2.       Kids Diapers              All sizes

(10 Diapers)               120/-     per pack. 


Manufactured by :-  Adwika creator.

Mail ID – advika.creators@gmail.com

Mob no – 7617257777

Address – A2, Jivan vihar colony, Telibndha chowk, Raipur, C.G.

Factory Adress : Dumardih Khurd, Rajnandgaon, C.G 




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WhatsApp Image 2021-01-25 at 16.45.43.jpeg

Training of Rural poor Women SHGs on Manufacturing

of Personal Hygiene Product (Sanitary Napkins/Pads)Present Scenario


Data shows that in our country where population is touching 120 crores, the sanitary napkins used by women exceed 1000 corers annually and it is increasing year after year. In India manufacturing of these sanitary napkins is in the hands of very few companies, mostly controlled by multi- nationals. The set of machines used are very expensive, the price of each set running in to corers. Most of the raw materials used are also imported. Even for middle class women, napkins sold in the market are becoming expensive.


          In spite of such growing market potential and Radio, T.V. IEC tools reaching every area, the average Rural poor women is still far away from the practice of these hygiene products. Situation is more critical with rural poor girls.


          In most of the rural poor regions women use cloth and other substitutes during the menstrual flow. This is a clumsy and unhygienic way of handling the issue. This way turns girls and women vulnerable to all the infections and diseases through vaginal path. Researchers have also shown the risk of cervix infection through these homemade cloth pads which are rough and unhygienic. Besides, this also causes women and girls to turn less active physically during those 4-5 days every month.

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-25 at 16.45.58.jpegWhatsApp Image 2021-01-25 at 16.45.56.jpegImportance of the project

Application of Hygienic Sanitary Pads will not only provide a healthy living option to the rural poor area girls and women, but its localized manufacturing will benefit the women through economic self-reliance and a profitable venture.


          Generally in the rural poor areas cloth is being used during the menstrual periods. Studies reveal that this practice is associated with very high risk of cervical cancer; Lack of finance is the reason why the rural poor women opt for this mode of tackling those 4-5 days, even adolescent girls resort to unhygienic practice. The reasons is that even that they know about the sanitary napkin and also that the cost of the napkins manufactured by multinationals is not affordable.


          In this situation with the proposed sanitary pad manufacturing unit, napkins can be manufacturing unit; napkins can be manufactured at low costs (50% less) without compromising the quality of the napkins. Thus napkins manufactured on this low cost unit are easily sale-able in rural poor area.

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ü The technology is simple

ü The product price is affordable.

ü The consumer market is huge and is continuously expanding.

ü  The demand is well linkeds.

Highlights of the





This product is not only marketable but also connects half of the productive population with issues such as health, Hygiene, Gender and Women Empowerment. The set up and technology used for this Mini Manufacturing Unit for Sanitary Napkins and Pads is easy to install understand and run.


This project will cover 30 beneficiaries in 1 training programmed; the selection of site/place shall be done in consultation with the State Gove. Authorities, Such project will empower the girls and women turn into small scale entrepreneurs but also to look at hygiene factors from a new inclusive angle.

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Strategic Directions

  UPWAN’s action plan towards the project execution:


Technical Details

The manufacturing plant proposed under this project, will have following specifications:


                            I.            Space Required: a built up space of approx. 20x25ft (500 dqft.)

                         II.            Motive power: 220 V, Single Phase.

                      III.            Illumination: 10 CFL 20 wt each.

                     IV.            Air System: 2 fans, 2 exhaust fans

                        V.            Multipurpose room


                            I.            Deliberation Unit – 1

                         II.            Core Forming Assembly -  1

                      III.            Soft Press Composite unit –1

                     IV.            Core Dies – 5

                        V.            UV Treatment Unit-1

                     VI.            Weighing Scale – 2

                  VII.            Work Table – 4

               VIII.            Work Shift Bins and Trays – 5


                            I.            Core Material

                         II.            Top Layer

                      III.            Back Layer

                     IV.             Release Paper

                        V.            Sticking Element

                    VI.            Printed Packaging


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*    The direct benefit of Personal Hygiene for rural poor women.

*    The Economic self reliance to the women members running the manufacturing unit.

Benefit to women

·        Reduced Risk of Infections

·        Reduced loss of financially productive activities due to menstrual immobility

·        Provides means of income

·        Paves way of hygienic way of living, Improved health

Benefit to Society

·        Upliftment in the way life especially for rural poor    women.

·        Better Health and care for children

·        Quality product at affordable price

·        More and more entrepreneurs, a stronger economy. 

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Other highlights of the project


·   As against the the conventional means and also the MNC branded Sanitary pads, these new napkins are easy to incinerate/dispose.

·     The Raw material used for these napkins is authenti9caly organic and thus does not create any threat to environmental issues.

·        These napkins are biodegradable in nature.

·        Saving the environment 

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Snapshots of project Yukti mantra (2014-2015)

(Implemented in Sukma District)


The project was implemented during fiscal year 2014-2015 under Bastar commissioner of sukmadistrics, we had three blocks in which project yukti mantra was operated through five units in the following:

Sukma had one unit,

Chindgarh had two units,

Konta also had two units.

The project was funded by BACKWARD REGIONS GRANT FUND (BRGF), done under district collector’s guidance.

The project was implemented in backward rural poor areas. In local level selection of volunteers was done. These volunteers were local dialect acknowledged.

Sukmadistric of C.G. govt is a sensitive dist. Here, not being a local resident is itself a problem. Understanding their language and culture is a challenging task, which our team did successfully.

Today nearby women get low priced sanitary napkins@ Rs.3/pad only, which is easily available to them. By this way groups earn extra income.

Yukti mantra sanitary pad is now a brand name in sukma region

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